Tuesday, May 22, 2012


After my class today I walked down to the lake for some sight seeing. I followed a little trail on the side of the road that led down to some cliffs. After sitting for at least an hour, completely stunned by the beauty, I climbed down and found a guy clinging to an overhang in the cliffs. A fellow climber! I abandoned my introversion and proceeded to approach him and begin discussing climbing. He showed me the good boulder routes and despite not having my climbing shoes with me, I climbed until the sun set. My favorite problem was just traversing the entire stretch of cliffs on the shore. They went pretty high so it was more like free soloing, but the climbing was nothing more than V2 so not too difficult. I took pictures of the location but, not wanting to be a tourist, I refrained from asking the other climber to take my picture. I need an actual camera and telephoto lens to do the vista justice, but man... What a spot to watch a sunset while climbing.

Ah it looks like I accidentally got my feet in a picture! I guess that's the first picture of me yet. These pictures of the water are deceptive, but I'm actually about 30' above the water here and the water is crystal clear for until about 20' of depth.

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